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After launching on Steam, it only felt normal to push Blink onto other platforms as well. And what better way
For about one year in Early Access, we've listened to users' feedback and we have rehauled the graphics, the single player
As we're getting ready to launching Blink: Rogues, we have a massive update for you, as follows: (RE)ADDED DEMO VERSIONYou
They grow up so fast! Feels like it was only yesterday that we released Blink: Rogues via Steam Early Access
DevPlay was once again present on the Romanian game development scene, and this time, it got to meet Fox Dive
We're super exited to finally reach this important milestone, Blink: Rogues, our first title as Fox Dive, will see its


BLINK: ROGUES (available on Steam)

Blink: Rogues is a fast-paced top-down shooter that brings combat tactics, sharp reflexes and multi-lane combat under the same roof. Fire rockets, shotgun or railgun, flip your ship, jump to the other lane and chase the perfect score. Steal the opponent’s power-ups or simply frag him!


Fox Dive Studio is made out of industry veterans that share the same passion about videogames. We’re life long friends and colleagues with the same dream, making games that matter.

After working in multi-national companies, we decided we want more creative freedom and decided to dive into making games that we’d like to play. This lead to the birth of Blink: Rogues, our first title.


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