Blink: Rogues got its first update!

They grow up so fast! Feels like it was only yesterday that we released Blink: Rogues via Steam Early Access and now we’ve just implemented its first update.

Feedback gathered from our players has helped us immensely in solidifying a plan for getting Blink: Rogues to full release.  We’ll be constantly improving the game and releasing updates as soon as we have considerable advancements.  The first one includes the following:

PROGRESS TRACKER – an estimation of the work done and how close we’re getting to the full release. It is placed in the main menu, you can’t miss it!

GLOBAL LEADERBOARD – a new leaderboard for players to compete in, totaling their single player mission highscores. It is public, so you can check it out in the Steam Community Hub as well!

Going forward, we’ll be waiting for more of your feedback! And see you in Top 10!

We’re at DEVPLAY!

DevPlay was once again present on the Romanian game development scene, and this time, it got to meet Fox Dive !  We had fun sharing development stories, meeting other game studios, and last but not least, playing some tough PVP matches on Blink Rogues.


The speaker list was grand, showcasing industry veterans such as Rami Ismail and Chris Evans (Blizzard) but we also had a chance of talking with Romania’s rising stars, such as Those Awesome Guys and Deadlime.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and we’re surely looking forward to applying all received feedback in Blink, and also look forward to Bucharest’s next gaming conferences.