Blink: Rogues is live !


For about one year in Early Access, we’ve listened to users’ feedback and we have rehauled the graphics, the single player campaign, and we have tweaked some of the mechanics. What’s left, you may ask?

The same sheer fun of, Blinking between lanes, to steal an opponent’s Boss and Megahealth, or to kill a chunk of enemies while chasing the 3 stars in every mission! :steamhappy:


The new lowpoly graphics were widely more appreciated by the users than the old ones, more in-tune with the game setting, and also way faster to tweak! Win-win-win!


We started by asking what if we made a splitscreen shmup-like game, but with a twist: be able to teleport to the opponent’s screen and steal his loot, or simply kill them? And so appeared BLINK.
Somewhere along the way we also noticed that if a ship had passed you, you either had to give up on it, or spend a lot of time flying around. We thought that maybe laziness has its merits, and so we came up with FLIP.


You don’t necessarily have to be very competitive, all it takes is having a friend that you feel like punching from time to time – frag them in PvP a couple of times and you’ll feel instantly refreshed:steamhappy: Alternatively, you can now play Co-op Mode, which will really test your collaboration skills!


New mechanics aside, some people really wanted a solo challenge, and the classic shmup feel. We have quite a challenge for them as well, in the form of the single player campaign, that they can try to master by getting 100% destruction in each mission, and/or making it to the leaderboards. Funny enough, these are not the same thing!
And if that is not enough, we also have the Survival Mode, run the entire campaign with only one ship!


We’re planning to add more content in form of maps and enemies in the near-future, as well as a Party-Mode: create local tournaments of up to 8 players:steamhappy:

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Getting ready to launch!

As we’re getting ready to launching Blink: Rogues, we have a massive update for you, as follows:


You don’t have to believe everything we’re gonna tell you, you can try it for yourself right now! The demo is free, and now comes with an extra mission available to play!


We’re happy to announce that Blink’s single player campaign can now be fully enjoyed in both solo and co-op!

It took us long enough to reach this point, yet we simply wanted to roll out the best possible experience with each and every mission you play. We wanted to not only provide variety through uniquely designed enemy formations, but to also bring forth a solid mix of sharp reflexes and tactics.

Our goal was to create an easy to learn – hard to master gameplay that is quickly understood and adopted yet layered enough to sustain a challenge.


Ready to take on the challenge? Of course you are!
The total number of stars is 30, three for each mission, set from easy (50% kills) to medium (75% kills) and finally to hard (100% full wipeout).

As with the per mission and general leader board, we’ve added a special ranking for the number of stars gained throughout the single player campaign. This will allow you to not only track your progress, but see how well you stand versus the competition.


You thought reaching three stars on the final set of missions was hard? Then how about cranking that up by reaching three stars for EACH mission, one after the other, with only ONE LIFE to play with.
Thats right, this is for the big boys and we’re more than excited to see how well you can make it in this mode.

Each wave will drop you power crates, allowing you to shift strategy by changing your powers from both sides of the screen.

Survival mode will unlock once you complete all single player missions and will be available through the mission select menu.


Aside of the above, here is a changelog highlighting the most important updates:

  • – New VFX added for weapons and special powers
  • – Powers, enemy drops and score balancing
  • – New Boss ship added
  • – A LOT of bug fixes

We’re at DEVPLAY!

DevPlay was once again present on the Romanian game development scene, and this time, it got to meet Fox Dive !  We had fun sharing development stories, meeting other game studios, and last but not least, playing some tough PVP matches on Blink Rogues.


The speaker list was grand, showcasing industry veterans such as Rami Ismail and Chris Evans (Blizzard) but we also had a chance of talking with Romania’s rising stars, such as Those Awesome Guys and Deadlime.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and we’re surely looking forward to applying all received feedback in Blink, and also look forward to Bucharest’s next gaming conferences.

Ready up for Early Access!

We’re super exited to finally reach this important milestone, Blink: Rogues, our first title as Fox Dive, will see its Steam Early Access launch on September 28th. With this on the table, we’ve also made a fresh new trailer for you to enjoy.

Get ready for an arcade experience that plays like a Shmup but feels like a Death-match !

We’re back from the lab!

Its been all too quiet here for the last couple of months, but there was a good reason behind our silence! We’ve been hard at work readying up Blink: Rogues’ launch, end of month (fingers crossed) 🙂

The game now has integrated leaderboards, a new UI, story mode, new mobs and many other things awaiting discovery. Be sure to check back in for the latest updates