Blink: Rogues is live!

For about one year in Early Access, we’ve listened to users’ feedback and we have rehauled the graphics, the single player campaign, and we have tweaked some of the mechanics. What’s left, you may ask?
The same sheer fun of, Blinking between lanes, to steal an opponent’s Boss and Megahealth, or to kill a chunk of enemies while chasing the 3 stars in every mission! 

The new lowpoly graphics were widely more appreciated by the users than the old ones, more in-tune with the game setting, and also way faster to tweak! Win-win-win!

We started by asking what if we made a splitscreen shmup-like game, but with a twist: be able to teleport to the opponent’s screen and steal his loot, or simply kill them? And so appeared BLINK. Somewhere along the way we also noticed that if a ship had passed you, you either had to give up on it, or spend a lot of time flying around. We thought that maybe laziness has its merits, and so we came up with FLIP.

You don’t necessarily have to be very competitive, all it takes is having a friend that you feel like punching from time to time – frag them in PvP a couple of times and you’ll feel instantly refreshed!  Alternatively, you can now play Co-op Mode, which will really test your collaboration skills!

New mechanics aside, some people really wanted a solo challenge, and the classic shmup feel. We have quite a challenge for them as well, in the form of the single player campaign, that they can try to master by getting 100% destruction in each mission, and/or making it to the leaderboards. Funny enough, these are not the same thing! And if that is not enough, we also have the Survival Mode, run the entire campaign with only one ship!

We’re planning to add more content in form of maps and enemies in the near-future, as well as a Party-Mode: create local tournaments of up to 8 players!