Introducing Blink: Rogues

When it comes to games, shoot em up titles are always bringing up a healthy dose of nostalgia, in fact, that’s one of the reasons behind developing Blink: Rogues, the other, being pure competition!

We always fancied debates that quickly get solved, thus, instead of piling up hours just to see who’s got a bigger score, you can settle that out in as fast as 5 minutes! Check out the embedded video to get a better glimpse on what we have in mind.

Yes, that’s right, were mashing up classic Shmup mechanics with arena inspired combat, condensing everything into an action packed winner takes it all scenario, allowing you to finally say: “HEY, i just kicked your a**!” 🙂 Jokes aside, what we’re seeking to achieve is a fast paced, five minute long PVP battle that will allow you to literally jump into your opponent’s screen and take their ship down.

Oh and by the way, this is available already in the early access build, under the Multiplayer / Split screen tab (download here) Thus, if you haven’t already, get your hands on our latest build and start preparing for that number one spot! Remember, steal as many resources as possible, take down as many ships, frag your opponent, and be sure to have the most points at the end!

Also, since we’re still in early access mode, there’s time to improve, thus, feel free to share your feedback either by commenting the video, or directly through our contact form. Its time to show you’re the best Shmup player around!

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