Blink: Rogues is live!

For about one year in Early Access, we’ve listened to users’ feedback and we have rehauled the graphics, the single player campaign, and we have tweaked some of the mechanics. What’s left, you may ask?
The same sheer fun of, Blinking between lanes, to steal an opponent’s Boss and Megahealth, or to kill a chunk of enemies while chasing the 3 stars in every mission! 

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Blink: Rogues got its first update!

They grow up so fast! Feels like it was only yesterday that we released Blink: Rogues via Steam Early Access and now we’ve just implemented its first update. Feedback gathered from our players has helped us immensely in solidifying a plan for getting Blink: Rogues to full release.  We’ll be constantly improving the game and releasing updates as soon as we have considerable advancements. 

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