Fox Dive Studio is a Romanian indie game developer made out of game industry veterans. We’re life long friends and colleagues with the same dream, making games that matter.

After working for many years in multi-national companies, we concluded to want more creative freedom, deciding to dive into making games that we’d like to play. This lead to the birth of Blink: Rogues, our first game.


Blink is a fast-paced top-down shooter that brings combat tactics, sharp reflexes and multi-lane combat under the same roof. Fire rockets, shotgun or railgun, flip your ship, jump to the other lane and chase the perfect score. Steal the opponent’s power-ups or simply frag him!

Battle your friends through split screen multiplayer or, at your own pace, enjoy a story driven Single Player mode fueled by a strong backing narrative that unlocks with player progression.
We’re also throwing in a vs AI skirmish mode, plus a Leader-board system that shows how you stand against worldwide competition.

Aside of this, the game offers you a COOP and Survival mode that will allow you to really show off skills. Both are complementary to the base modes and will offer the additional challenge for those that are brave enough to seek it.




Fox Dive Studio
Based in Bucharest, Romania

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Blink: Rogues